VisC: Modeling as-built construction at different phases of the project.
VisC automates construction applications for roads, railway tracks, airfield runways / taxiways, hydraulic works and corridor projects in general.

A customizable materials library (such as striping, unsuitable material, barriers, paving materials, base, sub-base materials, gravel fill, concrete, etc.) covering all the project’s pay items can be defined and maintained by the user. VisC provides the user with the CONSTRUCTION ORGANIZER, a Code Table associating lengths and areas measured for each project phase with customisable pay-items.

Project phases can be imported in the system as surface cross-sections by ODOS TIN surface models interpolation , by numerical input, or by automatic collecting of random spot elevations based on cross-sections directions. VisC provides a complete set of cross-section editing tools that allow cross-section links to be graphically modified, extended, trimmed, offset etc. to reflect the true state of the construction stage. Closed areas are automatically defined and calculated, according to the “history” of the project as it is imported in the CONSTRUCTION ORGANIZER (any project phase surface cross-section can be merged automatically with existing terrain cross-section / earlier construction phase cross-section / proposed design cross-section to generate intermediate surface quantities and progress payment tabulations).

ODOS proposed design cross-sections can be automatically imported, viewed and measured simultaneously with as-built cross-sections at the same stations, revealing any possible discrepancies between proposed and field conditions.

VisC automatically generates a user defined volumes and areas report, based on calculated cross-sections, using the average end area method for all the materials found in the project. This report is real-time refreshed by the system after any cross-section editing, allowing the user to instantly view and control consequent changes in partial and total pay-item quantities.

Quantities Reports produced by VisC can be exported in user definable tables in any format (text files, MS-Excel spreadsheets, etc.)

VisC automatically produces fully annotated and detailed cross-section drawings in DWG format in AutoCAD or IntelliCAD environment.


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