Modeling of roads environmental impact

VisEMoS is an environmental impact modeling software specializing in traffic noise, air pollution and visual intrusion created by the construction of road projects. It is based on the CRTN method for road noise modeling, COPERT-HIWAY models for air pollution and solid angle method for visual intrusion modeling.

The geometric features of the road project along with the elevation data of the surrounding area can be input either numerical or automatically taken from any ODOS road design project.

VisEMoS takes an infinite number of receivers either on a grid or on user specified locations. The road project can be defined by an infinite number of segments, allowing the analysis of any scheme, including intersections as well as sections of a road network, with a simultaneous run of all models.

Complex schemes, meteorological conditions and topography are analyzed automatically, thanks to the 3d capability of representation of the project data (plan, profile, cross-sections) as well as the surrounding area, and the capability of handling multiple scenarios and alternative project options.

VisEMoS uses a common database for all three models (air pollution, traffic noise, visual intrusion), allowing the data entry and evaluation of impacts in minimal time.

Results are given in suitable format for inclusion in Environmental Impact Studies in Greece (text, tables and drawings in digital form). Finally, the program provides interactive graphic presentation of results and drawing of contours for an effective checking of impacts and mitigation measures.

All VISALTIS software products can be used either separately or flawlessly work together.


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