Visaltis Consulting (VC) is a Consulting Engineering Firm located in Nigrita, Central Macedonia, Greece, engaged in conducting engineering studies, providing engineering consultancy services as well as developing Technical Software for clients of both the public and private sector in Greece and abroad. As a Design Firm is mainly involved with Road Design projects. In this field, VC has already significant experience, acquired through the design of a wide-range of projects in Greece. These projects have been designed during the last 5 years within a framework of contracts awarded to the company by Greek Public services. The company’s personnel is equipped with knowledge and skills as well as with a high rate of experience and expertise, acquired through their long-term collaboration.

Legal Form

VISALTIS CONSULTING was established in 2010 as a private company. Panagiotis Psaltis, Rural and Surveying Engineer Dipl. Eng. National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) 1987, and Angeliki Benisi, English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) 2002, are the official representatives of VISALTIS CONSULTING.


VISALTIS CONSULTING is registered in the Design Firms Registry Department, Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport, Registration Number 802, for:
> Design category 10 (Transportation Studies) Class C
> Design category 16 (Topographic Studies) Class C


VISALTIS CONSULTING is a member of TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece) Chamber of Serres


One of the key competitive advantages of the Firm, is its capability to provide a wide spectrum of services, extending from the conceptual design to the detailed construction drawings of the project.

VISALTIS CONSULTING expertise in the design and coordination of Road Design studies, in combination with the variety of design specialties as well as the professional background of its staff, enable us to offer advanced services in the framework of major complex Transportation Projects. The Firm’s ability to conduct most of the supporting studies required for the design of a Transportation Project, minimizes possible design management and coordination problems.


Road Design Studies

The firm’s high degree of competence and experience, derives from the continuous cooperation with the most significant Transportation Project Authorities in Greece (Egnatia Odos SA, General Secretariat of Public Works / Directorate of Road Design Sudies, Regional Departments of Transportation).

The services provided by VISALTIS CONSULTING deal with:
• Urban motorway, • Rural Road Network, • Intersections (Grade-separated Interchanges, at-grade stop / signalized intersections, Roundabouts), • Traffic Signage, • Road Restraint Systems, • Highway Upgrading Studies, • Road Pavement Design, • Tender Documents preparation


Topographic Studies – Applications

The firm has undertaken and elaborated topographic studies, mainly in the framework of Road Projects, concerning road corridor land surveying, road elements setting out as well as cadastral studies. These studies are being carried out with the most contemporary geodesy methods as well as with the use of high technology equipment for electronic positioning system (GPS).

• Establishment of Geodetic Networks
• Conducting of Topographic diagrams
• Setting out of Road geometric elements
• Cadastral studies


Road Safety Audit (RSA)

VISALTIS over the last five years has a Significant expertise in:
• Highway, Road, Safety-Signing and other similar design disciplines reviewing and approval, (RSA – Phase I).
• Road Construction Inspections, Design Deviations and on-Site Changes evaluation, (RSA – Phase II).
• Road Traffic Operation and Maintenance Inspections, Accident data analysis (RSA – Phase III).
• Road Safety data Integration in GIS and Database environment.
• Use of innovative hardware ( GPS and Video Camera combination)
• Development and use of specialized software for data capturing, processing, evaluation and assessment.
• Proposals for corrective actions. Cost benefit analysis and decision making support for short or long term road works interventions.


Technical Software Development

• Geometric Design Checking and Review (RGA),
• Construction quantities calculation for Corridor Infrastructure Projects (VisC)
• Calculation of Environmental Impact of Roads and Railways (Noise, Air Pollution, etc.) (VisEMOS).



VisC: Modeling as-built construction at different phases of the project. VisC automates construction applications for roads, railway tracks, airfield runways / taxiways, hydraulic works and corridor projects in general.


VisEMoS: Modeling of roads environmental impact
VisEMoS is an environmental impact modeling software specializing in traffic noise, air pollution and visual intrusion created by the construction of road projects.


RGA: RGA is an integrated Road Design Checking software, based on the current Greek Road Design Guidelines OMOE-X, OMOE-KAO. OMOE are very similar with design guidelines of other countries, mostly European.


Most of the Firm’s design experience derives from contracts awarded by EGNATIA ODOS SA, a State owned company, responsible for the design, construction and operation of Egnatia Motorway, a 670km mega-project across the North Greek Regions of Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace, connecting the port of Igumenitsa at the west, with the Greek-Turkish borders at the east.

During the past three years VISALTIS CONSULTING undertook several Road Design projects.

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